At the end of 2013 my book #believe was published. As usual when you write a book, first you work on its structure and content, and the very last paragraphs you write are the first your readers will see: the introduction…

All my new tenders and project papers open with this introduction. And that goes for my first blog post, too. So here goes:


Eager to go for it

Eager to realise the dream

Eager to recognise the young for who they are:

individuals with a future

Eager to notice a person’s strength, not his weakness

Eager to replace ‘exclusive’ with ‘inclusive’

Eager to leave the old paths and choose our capital of the future

Eager to give equal chances to all and support personal development

Eager to come up with new policies, starting from what we all have in common, not from what divides us

Eager to create an education system that makes personal development its priority.

Eager to see others as part of us

Eager to create perspectives, with passion and gusto

Eager to grasp life with both hands and get started

Eager to write future instead of history.

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